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  • Created By Jackie Milbrandt
  • Created On : Feb 21, 2018
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  • Category : Health & Beauty » Bath & Body » Hair Removal
  • Description : This Product is recommended by Beauty Plus Description: Ingrown(Zone) Cream is a gentle way to prevent and treat ingrown hair. Only a small amount is generally required on application and should last for some time. Scientifically formulated with tea-tree oil, resorcinol, bromelian and vitamin A. Ingrown Zone Cream helps reduce inflammation and swelling of the hair follicle that can occur as the result of hair removal. Ingrown(Zone) Cream has Natural anti-bacterial agents to prevent infection. Although the cream is designed for ingrown hair I have personally seen amazing results when applying to exam. Please always consult your doctor before using any creams on treatment areas. Please make contact for pickup. Pick-up can be arranged from immediately to 15 days depending is we have the item in stock